Thursday, February 5, 2009

To Daniel Barenboim: take your piano and go away

A Very Good Analysis

By As'ad Abu Khalil (Angry Arab)

"I woke up to see a copy of this piece of trash in my inbox. I can't say that I was surprised because I saw the name of Daniel Barenboim on top, and never expected much from him. I never liked or trusted this man, and his friendship with Edward Said meant nothing to me. I never felt that I need to befriend an Israeli to complete my humanity or to prove my civility. I don't understand why Barenboim dares on the heels of the massacres of Gaza to lecture to the Palestinian people. This statement is a proof that Barenboim and every person who signed this lousy statement has declared himself/herself an enemy of the Palestinian people and their historical resistance movement which began a century ago.....

Barenboim and his Zionist friends (every person who signed this statement and others in the Israeli terrorist army--those who signed this statement are basically identifying with the Israeli killers in Gaza, make no mistake about it) decide just like that to re-write the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Forty years? How did you achieve that magic number? By order from the Israeli military censor? You are telling me that prior to 1967 there was no Arab-Israeli conflict? I was born to the conflict and its discussion all around me, and I was born in 1960. Do I have to disbelieve my own memories? Do I have to disbelieve all those Israeli attacks on our lands? Do I have to go the Palestinian refugees in squalid camps throughout the Middle East and tell them that all your tears and pain and blood before 1967 were imaginary and that this is the case because Barenboim's Piano and his Zionist friends on this list have so decided? And then to vomit a flat out lie that the Arab-Israeli conflict can't be settled by force is to deny the realities in the holy land thus far. Did Israel not take Palestine by force? Did Israel not expel the Palestinian natives by force?......

What is particularly offensive about this particularly offensive statement is that it came on the heels of the Israel festival of butchery in Gaza and said not word about what happened. That proves that those who signed it decided to ignore the suffering of the Palestinian people, and to support the violence of the occupiers. Make no mistake about it. The good thing is this: the Palestinian people in the camps don't give a shit what Debra Winger and other signatories on this list have to say on the Palestinian problem."

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