Friday, February 6, 2009

Israel Confiscates Leb. Brotherhood Ship, Releases Passengers


"06/02/2009 Once again, the same story repeated itself with Israel… and without any "deterrent"!

It's the story of the 'Brotherhood Ship', a Lebanese aid ship that decided to break the inhumane siege imposed on a ruined strip, which just came out of a fierce war that claimed the lives and injured thousands of innocent people, displaced thousands others.. Enough reasons for right activists' and journalists to take their decision, express "solidarity" and assume responsibilities: "help" Gazans..

But, there is a problem: breaking the siege is prohibited!
And because breaking the siege is prohibited, the Zionist entity will, once again, give itself the right to open fire on the ship, attack its passengers, detain them for many hours, question them and finally release them… and in the middle of everything, the "free" world has also the complete "right" to remain "silent"!......"

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