Tuesday, July 28, 2009

International Movements Breaking the Siege on Gaza

by Suzanne Morrison
(Suzanne Morrison lived in Gaza in 2005-2006 and is currently a master's candidate at the American University in Cairo. She is completing her thesis on the role of international institutions in Palestinian state formation.)

".......Total success of any one group has been difficult, given the immense amount of opposition from the Israeli and Egyptian governments (and the powerful states that support them). Members of each group have suffered in various ways from bureaucratic hurdles, arrest, detention, deportation, etc. as the Egyptian and Israeli states hope to suppress and otherwise intimidate peoples of conscious. While breaking the siege on Gaza requires more than delivering humanitarian aid, collectively the international popular movements represent a very real threat to Israel's closure policy.

The longer the siege lasts, the larger the popular resistance to it appears to become. Over two years after its implementation, the movements to end the siege are larger and stronger than ever before. What is clear by all these acts of popular resistance is that people of the world are prepared to do what states are either unwilling or too inept to do - break the siege on Gaza! "

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