Sunday, January 24, 2010

Civil Rights for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

Please Sign the Following Petition

"To: The Cabinet and Parliament of Lebanon

Secondary only to ending the siege of Gaza and achieving Statehood, the enactment of the basic civil right to work and to own a home for the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Refugees living in squalor in Lebanon is perhaps the most critical and immediately achievable goal of the Palestinian resistance and the ideals enshrined in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Friends of Palestine and supporters of basic civil rights, wherever they live, can help this happen without violence or martyrs by signing and distributing the Online Petition and by twinning with a Palestinian Refugee in Lebanon. The Palestine Civil Rights Campaign-Lebanon and the Sabra Shatila Foundation Beirut, Lebanon-Washington DC

We the undersigned from many countries, mindful of the urgent need for equal human rights for our Palestinian Refugee sisters and brothers in Lebanon in their Civil, Political, Social and Economic dimensions, herewith signify our solidarity with Lebanon as this great country nobly corrects six decades of injustices by enacting civil rights legislation for her guests from Palestine. Affixing my name to this petition expresses my wish to personally "twin" in solidarity with one of Lebanon's Palestinian refugees as they and their Lebanese hosts continue to work and prepare for their Return.


The Undersigned

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