Thursday, January 28, 2010

Only pressure to withdraw can stop this blood price

Today Afghanistan's occupiers will start to signal retreat. But they are sacrificing its people for Nato credibility

Seumas Milne, Wednesday 27 January 2010

".....In spite of the failures, Afghanistan's occupiers remain afflicted by wishful thinking. The ­attempt to bribe Taliban defectors and ­establish loyal militias is modelled on Iraq's awakening ­councils, which helped to weaken the resistance. But the sectarian and regional factors which underpinned that strategy [Read: Iran] do not exist in Afghanistan and, in any case, the Iraqi model is looking less appealing, with violent attacks once again on the increase.....

Opposition to the war in Afghanistan is meanwhile hardening across the occupying states, including the US, despite David Miliband's claim that the occupation commands "widespread global support". Few now buy the ­fiction that it is preventing, rather than fuelling, terror attacks elsewhere. The shape of the eventual negotiated withdrawal is beginning to take shape. But without still greater pressure to end the ­occupation, the blood price paid for US and Nato credibility can only grow for years to come."

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