Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On Osama to Obama

By Marwan Bishara

(Cartoon by Martin Rowson, The Guardian)

"Osama bin Laden must be laughing his head off. As soon as he reportedly releases an audio tape of a poorly written note by him or one of his companions, droves of 'terrorologists', think-tankers, specialised linguists and war journalists jump in to analyse each and every phrase in the hope of finding something new.

So many preoccupied by so little.

But is there any news in bin Laden threatening more attacks? It would be news if he promised no more attacks.

Bin Laden mentions Gaza/Palestine and the guessing takes off masked as serious commentary. Is it really so "interesting" that he brought up Palestine? Would invoking Yemen be any less interesting? And what if he mentioned Iran? Now that is interesting.

Why the softer salute (no evil crusader), why so casual - just straight forward Obama? Why a shorter text, why so simple - a communication strategy or just total boredom?.....

Did bin Laden trap the US into venturing into war against and within the Muslim world, or has the Pentagon jumped at the opportunity he offered on a silver plate to destroy, occupy and dominate the Middle East region?

Either way, al-Qaeda and the Pentagon continue to feed into each other while eating away at the region's stability.

In the process, the focus for both sides - the Arabian peninsula - is being surrounded by a belt of chaos and instability from Somalia moving north to Israel, Palestine and Lebanon, east into Iraq and Iran, and south to Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Yemen."

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