Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another lesson in civil-war creation: The Gaza model in Sadr City

From Missing Links

"The Maliki government confirmed that there will be Awakening-like council(s) set up in Sadr City, moving quickly to replace the sectarian-war implications of yesterday's announcement on a sectarian website (see prior post) with the politically correct version. The objective, according to the government, will not be to "hang Mahdi Army members from lampposts if they resist government forces", but rather to provide the residents with food and security.....

This is the Gaza model: The occupier besieges and harasses militarily the stronghold of the resistance faction (Gaza/Sadr City), then offers relief to residents on condition they renounce the resistance faction (Sadrist/Hamas) and join hands with the collaborators (Awakenings/Fatah), who are more intent on hanging their sectarian rivals from lampposts, on behalf of the occupier, than in acting as a relief agency.

What about it, Juan Cole and Marc Lynch? The liberal blogosphere won't mention any of this unless they have one of the two of you to rely on as an authority. The Americans are starting another phase of the "civil war". How long will you be silent?"

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