Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nakba for the third generation

By Najwa Sheikh, in Gaza

"Few weeks and the Palestinian in all over the world will commemorate their Nakba (catastrophe), their loss of their homelands, of their identity, dignity and their life. Many countries and organizations that are interested in the Palestinian dilemma in the world will help in this commemoration, however, the Nakba for them is to speak about the sufferings and loss of a nation, to tell stories from those who witness the real event and fled from their homeland with one hope that one day they will return.

As a third generation Palestinian, the Naka is different in term of the pain and sufferings it holds, I am totally aware of the great loss that my grandparents, my parents have to experience when they fled from their homeland in 1948, and I know how devastating to lose the place that gives you all the feelings of security, and the identity that tells who you really are. The pain that my grandparents held during the years of their life in the camp until they died with their only wish to see their home again is heart breaking, the dreams that my father holds on behalf of his parents, and his own dreams of returning back home is also heart breaking.

But for me it (the Nabka) is more than fleeing the homeland, and losing your identity, it is not having a single memory of the homeland that once was for your grandparents, and your parents. It is not having anything to tell to your children about like the taste of your lands’ fruits, the smell of its sand, about stories and experiences with your people......."

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