Thursday, June 12, 2008

Israel Haunted by Hezbollah's Score Over Moghniyeh


"12/06/2008 Israel believes Hezbollah may try an attack against Israel in order to "settle accounts" over the assassination of Islamic Resistance commander Imad Moghniyeh last February.

Lebanon on Wednesday rejected Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's call for talks. "There are pending bilateral issues between Lebanon and Israel which are governed by international resolutions which Israel must respect ... and which cannot be the object of political negotiations," a Lebanese government statement issued said.

According to Israeli media, concerns of a Hezbollah action are increasing. Haaretz suggested that one scenario is a hit against an Israeli public figure, particularly someone with a defense background. "The military is particularly concerned with attacks on officers, and security for high-ranking officers has been increased recently. It is considered likely Hezbollah would consider such an assassination an appropriate response to the assassination of Moghniyeh," the daily said. It added that alerts have even been heightened recently, "despite progress in indirect talks between Israel and Hezbollah regarding a prisoner exchange."

An exchange took place recently between Hezbollah and Israel and saw the release of Nassim Nisr from his jail in Israel and the handing over of the remains of some Israeli soldiers who were killed during the Israeli war against Lebanon in 2006."

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