Saturday, June 14, 2008

“Syria Will Retrieve Golan Even without Peace”


"14/06/2008 Syrian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Faisal al-Mokdad said on Saturday that Damascus retains several options to reclaim the occupied Golan Heights, including options of a less-than diplomatic nature – the Jordanian daily ‘al-Dustour’ reports.

Al-Mokdad went on to address Israeli settlers of the Golan, saying “the settlers should bear in mind that we will defend our land at any time [Sure thing......Syria has not fired a shot to recover the Golan since 1973; but watch out now! If you believe this, I have a bridge I would like to sell to you]. They should know that the Golan Heights belong to us and that they should not be raising their children in the Golan, since this is not their place. They will not enjoy their lives there.”

Syria has several courses of action if Israel refuses to return the Golan – however we still support peace and are not afraid of entering peace negotiations with Israel,” said Mokdad.

Syria was surprised to find that the commitments that Israel made in the past regarding the Syrian channel, were not binding,” he said......."

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