Friday, June 13, 2008

The Revolt of the Liberated

Iraq – 'liberated' nation or outpost of empire?
by Justin Raimondo

"......The great problem with the Iraqis is that, unlike the Japanese and the Koreans, they're fighting back. McCain's response is to crush them. The Democrats would rather cut and run. Within the imperial paradigm accepted by both parties – a conceptual framework that simply assumes our overweening global military presence – the GOP has the advantage of looking "tougher," while the Democrats look merely craven......

The frontiers of empire are being pushed outward, and Iraq – bristling with American bases and weaponry – is slated to become a launching pad for U.S. military adventurism in the region. This is happening without significant domestic opposition from either party: aside from some very loud grumbling, the top national security mavens in the U.S. Senate have stopped short of taking any actions, aside from writing worrisome letters to Condi Rice. As the Post points out, "Although they have questioned the status of forces agreement's contents, lawmakers have not raised the issue of its congressional ratification."......

If and when Obama takes the White House, the Iraq war will immediately become his war, and his party's war. The issue will then be: a negotiated end to the conflict and the occupation, or else a series of "surges" culminating in an open conflict with Iran. A third scenario – an ignominious helicopters-taking-off-from-rooftops retreat – is a real possibility, too. Staying the course is no longer an option. "

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