Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ex-UN weapons inspector in Iraq had 'no choice' but to resign

Interview with Scott Ritter
Press TV

"Former chief United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter joined Press TV in an interview to talk about Iraq's situation before the US invasion of the Arab country in 2003.

Press TV: You are one of the lone voices, loud lone voices out there prior to March 2003 when the US invaded Iraq and you said that the country had no weapons of mass destruction and that they did not even have the capability to build large-scale chemical and biological weapons. It is 2010 now. Obviously, the US invaded Iraq. Do you feel vindicated that you were right?

Ritter: I do not feel vindicated because I knew I was right. Vindication is sort of an act of relief. I did not say that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. I mean we need to be accurate. What I said is that the case made by the US government was not backed up with any facts. That in fact, the case the US government was making that Saddam Hussein had massive quantities of [weapons of] mass destruction was unsubstantiated. The data I was aware as a weapons inspector showed that while we could not account for all Saddam's weapons, we could account for 95 to 98 percent of them and we knew he was not building new weapons of mass destruction....."

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