Friday, May 28, 2010

Haaretz: Illusions Allow Us To Ignore That Threats Are Closing In On Us


"....The author went on to say that Israel’s national security was ‘not good’ and he attributed this to the unilateral withdrawals from Lebanon in 2000 and Gaza in 2005, the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006 and the war on Gaza in 2008-09. “Thanks to the unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, Israel now faces a strategic threat from the north. Due to the unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005, Israel faces the threat of rocket fire from the south as well. The Olmert war in Lebanon a year later strengthened Hezbollah to an unprecedented extent, and the Olmert war in Gaza in 2008-09 led to a dangerous erosion of Israel's legitimacy,” Shavit said......"

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