Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gaza Mission Activist: It's Just Like Facing Nazis


"26/05/2010 Eight ships are already making their way through the Mediterranean towards the Gaza Strip in the framework of a European aid mission - with activists aboard the vessels likening their work to the anti-Nazi effort during World War II.

"We're helping the Palestinians, just like the Greeks helped during World War II against the Nazis," a Greek activist aboard one of the ships told Ynet Tuesday.

The mission was organized by Turkish group IHH as well as other leftist European organizations. The activists taking part in the sailing operation also expressed their fear that the Israeli occupation army will prevent them from arriving at their destination.

The Greek activist, university professor Vangelis Pissias, told Ynet that he is concerned about harm to human rights anywhere in the world.

"Just like we don't accept the Israeli behavior in Gaza, we will not accept it anywhere," he said. He added that the mission is an anti-violent act, and that participants only wish to offer aid to Gazans and bring the message that "we won't let any military force to keep them in prison."....."

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