Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How far should we let Big Oil go?

An alternative annual report for the oil company Chevron looks at the deep costs paid for the world's oil addiction

Antonia Juhasz
guardian.co.uk, Monday 24 May 2010

"In the month since BP's oil rig exploded in the US Gulf Coast, what has struck me the most is not, unfortunately, the magnitude of the spill, the damage caused that is likely to continue for decades, the inability of BP or federal agencies to clean up – much less stop – the spill, or the revelations of BP's pre-explosion lobbying, which likely contributed greatly to the disaster taking place.
I have instead been most moved by the rapid, overwhelming and broad-based demand from people all across the US and the world for a fundamental rethinking of just how far they are willing to let Big Oil go in pursuit of the world's remaining oil...."

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