Tuesday, May 25, 2010

US to expand secret operations

Press TV

"The United States is planning to expand its secret military operations across the Middle East, central Asia and east Africa, a newly-released report says.

The secret activities are apparently designed to "penetrate, disrupt, defeat or destroy" terror cells such as al-Qaeda, the New York Times said on Monday, citing a military document.

The directive was approved in September by US General David Petraeus.

The targeted countries are said to be Iran, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.

The order also focuses on intelligence gathering "by American troops, foreign businesspeople, academics or others" to forge "persistent situational awareness" in the target countries, the Times said.

Alongside those goals, the order also permits secret efforts that would prepare for potential future attacks by US forces in those nations.

Even though the document doesn't single out a specific country for a strike, it does allow for reconnaissance ahead of possible military action, such as in Iran over its nuclear program....."

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