Monday, October 18, 2010

Peres Cancels Morocco Trip after King Denies Request to Meet


"18/10/2010 Israeli President Shimon Peres has canceled his upcoming visit to Morocco after the king of the North African state rejected his request to meet during the trip, Israeli newspaper Haaretz indicated.

Peres had been invited to take part in the World Economic Forum in Morocco next week and had been scheduled to deliver an address to the event. But according to the policy of the President's Bureau, Peres is entitled to refuse a visit to any country in which he is not able to meet the head of state.

Moroccan King Mohammed VI wrote Peres last Friday that he would ordinarily be pleased to meet with him, but that such a rendezvous was impossible at the moment.

The President's Bureau believes that the king's refusal is based on protest of Israeli policy and thus decided to cancel Peres' trip."

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