Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Israel agrees to deployment of Badr force in Gaza


"Nazareth - Israel has informed PA chief Mahmoud Abbas of its agreement to the deployment of the Badr force, mostly Fatah Movement affiliates, in the Gaza Strip to help block the firing of Palestinian resistance missiles.

Hebrew press quoted an Israeli diplomatic source on Tuesday as saying that the Tel Aviv government had approved the transfer of this force from its current location in Jordan to Gaza to help in enforcing the recently reached ceasefire between the Palestinians and Israel.

The source said that the deployment of the Badr force, around 1,500 men, was requested by the PA presidency before the ceasefire but its deployment at present would no doubt boost the calm.

The USA had approved the use of the Badr force in Gaza or the West Bank to "consolidate the forces loyal to Abbas", Hebrew press sources said.

The Hebrew radio quoted the Palestinian ambassador in Amman last week as saying that the Badr force was finalizing arrangements for its deployment in the Strip. "

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