Saturday, December 2, 2006

Corporate Media Uses Fuzzy Math to Minimize Size of Lebanese Demonstrations

By Kurt Nimmo

".......Siniora and the Arab version of “free traders” are unable to protect the Lebanese people from such vicious provocations, as they are more interested in selling the country wholesale to their bankster associates.

As Sami E. Baroudi writes, the “neoliberal ideology (or orthodox neoliberalism)” has a “great hold … over the minds and actions of the Lebanese political and economic elite,” part of a growing process throughout “the Arab world” where “one sees growing evidence of the rise to dominance of neoliberalism in inter alia: the yearning for open markets … the reduction in governmental social spending and the broadening of the tax base, the welcoming of advice and intervention from the World Bank, and the breaking of old alliances between regimes and labor in favor of new alliances with local and foreign entrepreneurs.”

In essence, this is what 800,000 people encamped outside the office-turned-residence of PM Fouad Siniora is all about, not the facile nonsense pedaled in American newspapers about nefarious Syrians and Iranians pulling the strings of Hezbollah.

Siniora will not be saved by his military or commiserating “German and British foreign ministers and calls of support from a host of Arab leaders and Western officials,” as Reuters puts it. “Although the dispute is political, many Lebanese fear the situation could spark sectarian violence. Tension between Sunnis and Shi’ites is high, in addition to bad feeling between Christians who support leaders allied to the rival camps.”

Obviously, this would be a preferable situation for the Israelis and neocons, who have managed to reduce Iraq to a bloody quagmire of sectarian violence and insanity, but such is not a foregone conclusion in Lebanon.

Hopefully, the Lebanese will get rid of their neoliberal beholden government and send a message to both Israel and the United States."

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