Saturday, December 2, 2006

Determined National Opposition continues open sit-in in central Beirut until unconstitutional government quits

Camping Out And Digging In For The Long Haul


"The open sit-on called for by the Lebanese opposition continued for the second day Saturday in central Beirut, to press the unconstitutional government of the Fouad Saniora and his political bloc to quit. Thousands of people took part in the open sit-in at the Riyad El-Soloh Square, facing the Grand Serail, where Saniora and his political group are staying. The National Opposition vowed not to end the sit-in before the formation of a national unity government, a demand firmly refused by the so called majority.

The follow-up committee of the Lebanese National Opposition said that the next couple of days would witness massive gatherings including speeches at the Riyad El-Soloh and the Martyrs Square. Hundreds of thousands of people swamped central Beirut on Friday in mass peaceful protests filling the two major squares in downtown Beirut and their peripheries. Each of two squares gathered on different occasions more than 1.5 million people, in what was later known as the March 8 and March 14 blocs.

The leader of the Parliamentary majority MP Saad Hariri vowed that "the Siniora government will not fall because of pressure from the street. However long they continue their protest, it will not fall." The determined opposition for it part vowed to stay until the government gives in, threatening to escalate their actions in the coming days. "

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