Friday, December 1, 2006

Never Heard of al-CIA-duh Group Threatens Banksters

By Kurt Nimmo

"Once again, an “al-Qaeda” affiliate nobody has ever heard of, and will never hear from again, is threatening damnation and ruin.

“The U.S. government warned American private financial services on Thursday of an al Qaeda call for a cyber attack against online stock trading and banking Web sites beginning on Friday, a source said,” Reuters reports. “The source, a person familiar with the warning, said the Islamic militant group aimed to penetrate and destroy the databases of the U.S. financial sites.”

No doubt this will be accomplished from caves with fiber optic cables or maybe from the high-tech boondocks of South Waziristan.

Of course, this is simply more propaganda designed to convince the bovine masses that the internet poses a threat, as the neocon Newt Gingrich declared the other day, and serious measures will need be taken, that is if we value our safety over our liberty. Never mind what Ben Franklin allegedly said on this subject.

.... Continues"

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