Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ledeen: Neocon Critics are Antisemites

By Kurt Nimmo

"It is said Karl Rove once told Michael Ledeen to fax his “ideas” to him and these so-called ideas often became “official policy or rhetoric,” according to the Washington Post. Back in June, 2003, a few months into the invasion and occupation of Iraq, Jim Lobe, writing for the Inter Press Service, said Rove regularly consulted with Ledeen, to the horror of foreign policy veterans. In fact, Ledeen, according to Lobe’s sources, was the “only full-time international affairs analyst” consulting with Rove, who had Bush’s ear.

As the Baker Boys attempt to reign in the neocons, or so we are told, and the American people have turned against the Iraqi occupation, Michael Ledeen is as determined as ever to subvert the republic—or the few shreds that remain of the republic—and use it as Israel’s truncheon against Arab and Muslim enemies.

However, Israel is increasingly threatened by angry Arabs, and rightfully so. Israel remains a brutal racist state. Israel believes America needs to fight its bloody and interminable wars against the Arab and Muslim hordes, routinely characterized in cartoonish fashion. Michael Ledeen and the Israel First neocons are there to make sure this war, this brutality, is opened-ended, for a generation, maybe a hundred years or more, as promised.

In other words, Bush is not doing what is expected of him, he has not attacked Iran, and he is losing Iraq and Afghanistan, presumably because he refuses to go whole hog in Nazi Blitzkrieg fashion, sort of like the German Wehrmacht in Poland and later the Soviet Union.

It should not come as a surprise Ledeen calls the opposition, the “realists,” antisemites, as this is the habitual response of Likudniks and Israel Firsters. Ledeen has attempted to remain above them, preferring the illusion of intellectual independence, more closely associated with Gabriele D’Annunzio (the subject of his doctoral dissertation), precursor of the ideals and techniques of Italian fascism.

Soon enough, if the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith has its way, such antisemitism, that is to say disagreement with the neocons and their scorched earth policies at the behest of the racist state of Israel, will be illegal, indeed a punishable “hate crime,” or rather thought crime.

Once again, the neocons rule the day, regardless of all the blithe nonsense pushed by the corporate media, who would have us believe the adults have taken over, sent on gallant white horses by Daddy Bush to save the day.

So long as the “al-Qaeda” villain can be effectively cited—and Ledeen presumably sends his talking point faxes to Bush’s brain, Karl Rove—and that exaggerated if not entirely fictional threat can be said to soon lurk the back streets of America, the Iraq project will continue for the foreseeable future, as engineered “civil wars,” designed to render countries into ethnic and religious pieces, can go on indef, or until the damage is done.

Soon enough, it may be even smoother sailing for the neocons, that is if Congress enacts “hate,” or criticizing Israel legislation. For as Michael Ledeen tells us, his enemies, the enemies of the Israel First neocons, are antisemites. "

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