Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jumblatt distributes weapons in own territories; Walid Ido ready to sell blood to buy weapons to confront opposition

Can a civil war be far away?

"Al-Manar special report – Manar Sabbagh – Translated/

Well informed sources said that MP Walid Jumblatt's Progressive Socialist Party has nearly completed distributing individual arms in large areas under its influences, particularly Mount Lebanon. The sources stressed this ongoing campaign includes the distribution of individual weapons to every home, and that the receiver signs a receipt. MP Jumblatt, a key figure in the ruling bloc, brought back to memory the language of civil war saying: "Nasrallah has his own army, and he is capable of occupying the country. He can come to Mokhtara and launch his rockets and shells, so what can I do about this? Nothing." Even when Jumblatt was backing the arms of the resistance, Hezbollah's chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah sought on many occasions to reassure the Lebanese that the sole use of the arms of the resistance is to confront the Israeli enemy adding that these weapons will not be used internally.

But MP Jumblatt, as usual, came up with an illusion of his own and based his speech on it, for a new incitement. Despite acknowledging the function of Hezbollah's arms and the party's performance internally, Jumblatt's attempt came once again to instigate baseless obsessions. Al-Manar TV station received documented information that reversed his accusations. According to sources, Jumblatt's PSP is in the final stages of distributing arms to its members and supporters in its regions of influence, particularly in Chuweifat, Batlou-Barouk and Aley. Where did Jumblatt receive this large stock of weapons? On who's expense? And for what reason is he seeking to reform his militias?

Jumblatt's ally, MP Walid Ido of MP Saad Hariri's Future Movement told the New York Times that "if the ruling bloc found itself obliged to take to the street, it will take to the street" adding that peaceful "confrontations" will be met with peaceful confrontations and "we will sell our blood to buy weapons to confront them and we will never let them control the country." "

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