Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some recent history

From Missing Links

"......And sure enough, the language of veiled and indirect threats from the US starts to sound familiar. US Defense Secretary Gates said on Friday: "I think those who are prepared to work within the political process in Iraq, and peacefully, are not enemies of the United States," and on that very afternoon, Riyadh Nuri, Sadr's brother-in-law and the top Sadrist official in Najaf, is assassinated.

Moreover, by evening the US tanks were reportedly trying to push into Sadr City, and once again, in an atmosphere eerily similarly to late February 2006, people were bracing for the possibility that once again the country could explode in violence.

When the history of this era is written, if someone is around to write it, people will have to try and figure out whether fitna and of the threat of fitna regularly accompany US policy-failure in Iraq just by coincidence, or whether there is more to it."

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