Friday, January 9, 2009

Gaza: Palestinian journalist, his wife and mother-in-law killed by Israeli artillery

"The Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported that a Palestinian journalist, his wife and his mother in law, were killed on Thursday evening when Israeli troops shelled their home in Gaza city.

Eyhab Al Wahidi worked as a cameraman for the Palestinian President's Office in Gaza. The children of Al Wahidi, now orphaned due to the killing of their parents and grandmother, also sustained serious injuries.

While international and Israeli journalists have been kept out of the Gaza Strip throughout the two-week long Israeli offensive, Palestinian journalists who have managed to get reports out of Gaza via the internet and cellular phones have reported being targeted by Israeli forces.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights reports that eight Palestinian journalists have been killed by the Israeli Army between the years of 2000 to 2008.

The Israeli Army embarked on its current military offensive on Saturday December 27, 2008. The Palestinian Ministry of Heath in Gaza stated that the death toll in Gaza by Thursday evening stands at 765; half of the casualties are children and women, in addition to 3,200 injured, among them 500 in critical condition. "

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