Friday, January 9, 2009

Testimony: Gaza family massacred, survivors detained

Testimony, B'Tselem, 8 January 2009

"Meysa Fawzi al-Samuni, 19, a married homemaker with an infant daughter, is a resident of Gaza City. The following testimony was given to B'Tselem's Iyad Haddad by telephone on 7 January 2009....

The soldiers told us that they would release us and leave only Musa and his uncle Emad in case Hamas came. I understood that they intended to use them as "human shields." They ordered us to leave the house, and we walked along the street about 400-500 meters until we found an ambulance, which took me and my daughter to al-Shifa Hospital. The others from my family continued to walk in the street. Later, some of them also arrived at the hospital.

As far as I know, the dead and wounded who were under the ruins are still there. I didn't see that any of them had been brought to the hospital."

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