Thursday, January 8, 2009

Resistance Groups: Egypt's Ceasefire Plan Not Valid


(Graphic by Carlos Latuff)

"08/01/2009 Palestinian groups based in Syria, including Hamas, believe the Egyptian plan aimed at securing a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip "has no valid basis," a Palestinian official said on Thursday. "Palestinian organizations, notably Hamas, see no valid basis in the Egyptian plan for a solution to the crisis" in Gaza, Khaled Abdel-Majid, spokesman for Palestinian groups based in Damascus, said.

He noted that the common position came after a meeting of eight Palestinian movements based in the Syrian capital, including the Resistance Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups.

"The Franco-Egyptian initiative does not contribute towards finding a solution since it is a threat to the resistance and the Palestinian cause, allowing the enemy to continue its aggression," the groups said in a statement.

The Damascus-based movements "reject the presence of international forces or observers in Gaza, since this is aimed at defending the security of the occupation and reinforcing the blockade against the resistance."....... "

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