Friday, January 9, 2009

UNSCR 1860…Israel’s Real Fiasco Exposed


"09/01/2009 The United Nations Security Council approved Gaza Strip ceasefire resolution number 1860. The resolution, submitted by Britain, passed with a majority of 14 votes. The United States abstained from voting. Notably, the word "Hamas", the key Palestinian party in the Israeli war on Gaza is not mentioned in the document......Israel maneuvered at the UN and attempted to postpone the vote by 24 hours to score any achievement from its Gaza war, but failed.....

Observers see the UNSCR as a gift to some Arab nations, namely the so called moderate Arab regimes, to save face as they came under intense public pressure to secure an immediate end to Israel's 13-day war on Gaza that has killed more than 760 Palestinians.
It was one of the rare times that Arabs insist on not leaving New York before reaching a resolution on an issue because the magnitude of the massacre in Gaza has brought their regimes on the brink of danger.....

Tel Aviv’s military and political dilemma lies here.
For 14 days, more than 30,000 Israeli soldiers, air forces, naval forces, security forces, thousands of raids, more than 4,000 Palestinian civilian victims and more than 110 Israel army casualties, the Zionist entity has failed to achieve a single point to claim it can come out of the Gaza war with an upper hand. Militarily speaking, the Israeli army needs salvation fast. Politically speaking, Israel has not scored any results of its aggression on Gaza, therefore it has literarily nothing to bargain on, except from threatening to target more civilians.

As Israel is more likely to emerge broken, again, from this war while Hamas and other resistance movements are still strong, calm, still firing rockets at settlements and fighting back and inflicting heavy losses in occupation army ranks, Tel Aviv is in denial.
It finds it difficult to accept Hamas having an official role in Gaza after the war ends as including the resistance group in governance will never mean the “new security reality” that Israel promoted as one of its objectives. "

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