Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Project Life: World Orphan Rehabilitation Program

Written by Janet Zimmerman

"The horrendous crimes that were perpetrated by Israel have left hundreds of families destitute. Many are faced with no other option but to live in one of the many tent camps scattered throughout the rubbles of Gaza. These tents offer only limited protection from the elements, and those who live in them are given nothing but blankets and an inadequate food supply. The children that live here suffer from malnutrition and trauma. Their childlike dreams have turned into nightmares......

Project Life is a non-profit organization, and therefore we need your help. Your contribution will help cover the children's expenses, so please donate today and help restore these children's lost lives. Your generous donation is a step towards aiding the children of Gaza whose childhoods were stolen for a reason they never committed. They were the only losers out of this fierce and deadly war, and our humanity urges us to intervene and bring them out of this mayhem. This is your opportunity to contribute in the efforts to help save the Palestinian children. It cannot be done without you.

For more information, please take a look at our website:

Web: http://www.worldlifeinstitute.org/projlife.htm

Donations: http://www.worldlifeinstitute.org/clickto_donations.html
Janet Zimmerman, Representative"

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