Monday, November 27, 2006

By Baha Boukhari
Request For "Calm" From The Palestinians.

Mocking the so-called "ceasefire" announced yesterday in Gaza, while IOF troops continue invading the West Bank, killing and abducting Palestinians. Today (after the ceasefire) the IOF killed two Palestinians in Jenin, including an elderly woman, and abducted 20 more Palestinians. Olmert says the "ceasefire" doesn't apply to the West Bank, and all the Palestinian resistance factions tacitly agree even though they make noises. So, Israel has managed to split the Palestinians and take the mighty "liberated" "Gaza Republic" out of the conflict. Precisely in the same way Israel succeeded in taking all the Arab regimes out of the conflict, the Hamas regime has been isolated in Gaza.

The Israeli plan of isolating and fragmenting the Palestinian society and cause is working thanks to the efforts of Israel's stooge Abbas and the cooperation of Hamas; all done for "national unity," of course, and to preserve and protect "higher Palestinian interests." Soon one town will be isolated from another on the West Bank and just as the White Man concluded separate treaties with separate Native American tribes, the Israelis will soon do the same with the Palestinians on their reservations. What comes next? A "ceasefire" in Jenin that doesn't apply to the rest of the West Bank? A separate deal for Jericho?

And they mistake this for a "Palestinian leadership!"

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