Sunday, November 26, 2006

PA security forces deploy along Gaza border

The cowards fled their positions when Israel attacked, but now they are going back to protect Israel

More than 13,000 Palestinian security personnel are being deployed along Israeli border in order to prevent Qassam attacks, enforce ceasefire. PA hopes that deployment will maintain calm, restore order in Gaza streets

"Palestinian sources have announced Sunday evening that the deployment of major Palestinian security forces along the border between Gaza and Israel will be completed in the coming days.

The forces will be deployed from Kerem Shalom in the south all the way to the north in order to enforce the ceasefire and prevent further rocket fire into Israel, similar to Sunday morning's attack.

According to the sources, more than 13,000 Palestinian security personnel will be deployed along the border in accordance with a decision made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian government.

The deployment will be commanded by the head of the National Security force in the Gaza Strip, Suliman Hilas. The forces will include the National Security Force, the military police, military intelligence, Force 17, Preventive Security, the civilian police, the general intelligence and even the coastal police. In fact, the deployment will include all security units of the PA.

Commander of the National Security in the southern Gaza Strip Jamal Kayed told Ynet that "the forces are returning to the areas which were abandoned when the IDF began their incursions into the Strip." [The cowards fled and now are going back to protect Israel]

The sources say that the full deployment will be completed within days, but some of the forces will complete their deployment in the coming hours.

Sources within the PA hope that arrests will not be necessary and the different armed groups will remain committed to the understanding reached in the past days which allowed for the ceasefire.

In addition, there is hope that the deployment will add to the sense of security and order in the streets of Gaza, which aside from the security deterioration, was a source of internal skirmishes and killings evolving from struggles within the PA."

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