Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dignity to Gaza: “We’re Back!” - Fourth Successful Voyage Breaks Through Siege of Gaza

The Free Gaza Movement


"(GAZA, 9 December 2008) - The Free Gaza Movement ship “Dignity” successfully broke through the Israeli blockade for the fourth time since August, arriving in Gaza Port at 2:45pm, Tuesday 9 December. The ship carried one ton of medical supplies and high-protein baby formula, in addition to a delegation of international academics, humanitarian and human rights workers. Three earlier missions made landfall in Gaza in August, October, and November through the power of non-violent direct action and civil resistance. The Free Gaza ships are the first international ships to reach the Gaza Strip in over 41 years....."

COMMENT: Compare the intelligent planning and organization of the successful four missions of the Free Gaza Movement with the inept, timid, for-show-only, typical Arab regime show, failed attempts by Libya and Qatar. Qatar did not even bother attempting; when Israel said no, Qatar said, "yes Mam!" and stopped! Pathetic and disgraceful Arab impotence!

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