Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Egypt recalls Iran envoy after public protest against cooperation with Israel

"Egypt has recalled its diplomatic envoy from Tehran after a protest was held in front of its interest section, Iran's Fars news agency reported Wednesday.

Hundreds of Islamist students staged a gathering on Monday in front of the Egyptian embassy's interest section in Tehran in protest against Egypt's continued cooperation with political arch-foe Israel over the ongoing siege of the ruling Hamas group in the Gaza Strip.

Despite reassurances by Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hassan Ghashghavi that the diplomatic missions in Tehran were sufficiently secured, Cairo decided to recall its envoy from the Islamic state......"

Iran's demonstrations irk Egypt

Press TV

"The Egyptian Foreign Ministry summons Iranian diplomatic representative in Cairo in protest against recent anti-Egypt demonstrations in Iran.

In a statement issued Tuesday by the Foreign Ministry, Egypt expressed its complaint on the demonstrations staged from time to time outside the office of the Egyptian diplomatic mission in Tehran.

Iranian students staged a demonstration on Monday in front of the Egyptian interest section in Tehran in protest at Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and Egypt's collaboration with Israel.

Several similar protests have been recently held outside embassies of other Arab countries in Tehran which seem to be cooperating with Israel by failing to push for lifting the siege on Gaza.

The Egyptian ministry also criticized some Iranian newspapers that have repeatedly insulted Cairo's policies and leadership, said the statement without giving further details......."

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