Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Heil Feiglin!

Feiglin's missing manifesto: Israel should quit UN, cut off water to Palestinians

"An extreme right-wing text by Likud member Moshe Feiglin disappeared on Tuesday from the Web site of his Jewish Leadership movement. In the piece written five years ago, Feiglin says Israel should cut off water and electricity service to the Palestinian territories, withdraw from the United Nations and boycott the Olympics.

The text, written by the man who captured 20th place on Likud's Knesset list yesterday, is called "the day after" and details the radical policies he would pursue if he became prime minister. The manifesto was removed hours after the party's primary results were announced. Haaretz, however, obtained a copy........

Feiglin wrote that he would then address the Palestinian issue by ordering "the complete cessation" of funds, goods, water, electricity and communication to the Palestinian Authority. Any attack on an Israeli target would incur "the conquest of the area whose residents instigated the violence, their deportation and destruction of the area's infrastructure."

At the same time, the defense budget would be cut by 30 percent by retiring all non-lethal anti-protest ammunition such as rubber-tipped bullets and tear gas. Instead, security forces would use live bullets against Palestinian protesters. "The [non-lethal] ammunition aimed at preventing enemy casualties, which goes against the army's essence, will be destroyed in mandatory ceremonies held at every base," Feiglin wrote.

In the paper, he vociferously rejects the Palestinians' right to a state and argues that they do not exist as a distinct nationality separate from the Arabs. "There is no Palestinian people, nor has there ever been, and there never will be a Palestinian state," Feiglin wrote. "We shall offer them human rights without civil rights, so long as they prove their loyalty to their Jewish state host and accept Jewish sovereignty over their land. In such a situation they will be given legal-resident status and they can carry on their private affairs without anyone infringing on their human rights."

He adds: "They will have to seek the right to self-determination in Arab states. Israel will encourage the Arabs to emigrate to their countries and assist any Arab who wishes to do so as much as it can."....."

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