Thursday, December 11, 2008

EU awards Israel for starving Gazans, expanding colonies

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied East Jerusalem

".....There is no doubt that the EU decision to upgrade relations with Israel despite the latter’s pornographic oppression of Palestinians and grave violations of the human and civil rights of non-Jews in Palestine-Israel is a brazen insult to the so-called “moderate” Arab regimes who may be thinking that by savaging their own people and succumbing to Israeli dictates, they will gain respect in the capitals of Europe.

For these regimes, the EU decision should be a wake-up call. However, it is amply clear that these “moderate” leaders are too bereft of dignity, self-respect and national honor to understand the meaning of the European decision......

.....In fact, the EU is acting within the normal order of things as far the Palestinian Authority is concerned. A few months ago, one of the highest ranking PA military commander told his Israeli “colleagues”!!! that “we (the PA and Israel) are allies, with a common enemy,” an allusion to Hamas. Well, if Israel is a PA ally, then helping Israel should also benefit the PA.

The same can be said about Egypt, a country of nearly 80 million people rendered nearly impotent by a decadent tyrant who prefers to enjoy the legitimacy that comes from American, Israeli and European acceptance than the legitimacy that comes from the Egyptian masses.

This is the regime that has been complementing and perfecting the Nazi-like Israeli siege to Gaza for the purpose of obtaining a certificate of good conduct from the outgoing Bush administration, the very administration that a majority of US citizens are now glad it will finally be consigned to the dustbin of history.

And how about the Saudi dynasty, which has been currying favor with Israel by preventing Gazan pilgrims from traveling to Mecca to perform the annual pilgrimage and by organizing so-called “inter-religious conferences” which everyone knows are aimed at normalizing relations with the Zionist regime via the back door. So, why would Europe respect a Saudi leadership that has since time immemorial been sacrificing Arab and Muslim dignity in order to please America so that the House of Saud will remain in power for as long as possible.

Thanks to their cheap enslavement by the US and the West, tyrannical Arab regimes may gain a few more years in power. However, they should remember that their place in history will be no better than that of the disgraced Shah of Iran or King Faruk of Egypt...... "

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