Thursday, December 11, 2008

Israeli Army Awaiting Order for Ground Offensive in Gaza

"As the fragile Egyptian-brokered ceasefire between Hamas and Israel is ending in eight days, Israeli military leaders stated on Wednesday that the Army is ready to carry out any military offensive the political leaders order, Israeli Ynet News reported. Military sources said that the army already submitted to the political leadership in Israel several scenarios of action that were, in turn, handed to the cabinet.

The army said that Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip renewed the firing of homemade shells into an adjacent Israeli area. Resistance groups stated that the act was in retaliation to military offensives and assaults carried out by the army in Gaza.

A senior security official in Israel slammed statements made by several members of the cabinet for publically calling for a military offensive in Gaza. The source said that there is no need to make a public call for an offensive. The official added that the army is ready for the offensive and ready to implement any plan in this regard, but he also said that the political leadership should make a decision.

Israeli foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, called for an immediate military offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. [To restore her puppet Abbas to Gaza]

Several Israel leaders called for a military offensive against Hamas and also called for a financial choking of Gaza. On the ground, the Gaza Strip has already been choked by the siege as its hospitals have run out of medical supplies and equipments; stores are empty and hundreds of patients, including children and elderly, have died after being banned from leaving Gaza for medical treatment abroad.

Last week, Israeli soldiers killed three Palestinians, including two children, and wounded at least ten others in the West Bank and Gaza."

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