Monday, December 8, 2008

In the lair of the Taliban

They were ousted in 2001, yet across Afghanistan the Taliban are steadily regaining control. The writer Nir Rosen ventured into their heartland — and lived to tell the tale

A Long Article, Originally Published in Rolling Stone
And Was Posted Here, at Palestinian Pundit

By Nir Rosen
Times Online, December 7, 2008

"....Russians failed. And it is too late for Bush’s “quiet surge”, or even for Barack Obama’s plan for more robust reinforcements in Afghanistan. More soldiers on the ground will only lead to more contact with the enemy, and more air strikes will only lead to more civilian casualties that will alienate even more Afghans. Sooner or later, the Americans will be forced to negotiate, just as the Soviets were before them.

Bush vowed that he would never allow the Taliban to return to power in Afghanistan. But they have already returned, and they appear to be winning. As a high-ranking Taliban leader said recently, “You westerners have your watches. But we Taliban have time.” "

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