Thursday, December 11, 2008

On int'l human rights day, Palestinians traumatized

Press release, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, 10 December 2008

"Today marks the 60th anniversary of International Human Rights Day. It is the day the United Nations declared the issuance of the International Declarations of Human Rights to put new international foundations for enforcing and respecting the sacred life and dignity of all human beings. It is a noteworthy coincidence that the birth of this declaration shares the anniversary of the Palestinian uprooting in 1948, still experienced by Palestinians up until today.

This occasion comes as Palestine and the whole Middle East region are immersed in continuing violence, political instability and violations of human rights. Palestinian people are witnessing tremendous violations of their rights. Moreover, Israel has continued tightening a strict political and economical siege as well as partitioning the whole of the Occupied Palestinian Territories and restricting freedom of movement, controlling Palestinian civil life, and converting the Gaza Strip into a huge prison.......

On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, we call upon the international community, especially the signatories of the Fourth Geneva Convention, and human rights organizations to fulfill their responsibilities and urge all countries to respect articles of international law. We urgently appeal to the international community to rescue and protect Palestinians citizens and to break the Israeli-imposed siege. We also urge them to pressure Israel to prevent its continued violations of Palestinian human rights in all of its forms, and to urgently act to lift the siege imposed on the Palestinian people."

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