Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Intel Report: Hamas Can Fire Rockets for Weeks


"06/01/2009 Palestinian resistance fighters continued to launch rockets at Israeli settlements Tuesday despite a four-day old ground offensive against Gaza. A Grad rocket attack targeted the Gedera settlement north of Kiryat Malachi, 30 kilometers from Tel Aviv. Resistance fighters also fired at least four other rockets into the western Negev.

Over 40 Qassam and Grad rockets were fired Monday from Gaza at southern Israeli settlements striking Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sderot, Kiryat Malakhi, near Ofakim, Netivot and Be'er Sheva.....

Israeli occupation army officials estimate that the rocket fire emanating from Gaza will not end anytime soon despite the ground incursion into the territory.

The Israeli Maariv daily quoted an intelligence report as saying on Tuesday that Hamas “has the capacity to fire rockets and mortars at Israel for weeks.”
"Hamas has enough rockets and mortar shells to continue firing deep into Israeli territory for weeks," said the report presented to parliament's foreign affairs and defense committee by General Yossi Beidatz, head of the research department for military intelligence, according to the daily.
Beidatz said that Hamas "has not raised the white flag in the past and wants to remain in power.""

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