Sunday, January 4, 2009

Questions & Answers concerning the Gaza holocaust

“This is a translation of an Arabic interview with the author”

By Khalid Amayreh
4 January, 2009

Question: Israel says it is only defending itself against recurrent attacks by Hamas and other Palestinian “terrorist” organizations?

Answer: All aggressors say they are only defending themselves. Nazi Germany said it was defending itself. Israel is the last country in the world that is fit to complain about terrorism. After all, Israel represents, encapsulates and embodies terror in its ugliest and most nefarious forms.....

Question: Israel claims it doesn’t deliberately target Palestinian civilians. How would you respond to that?

Answer: As an essentially criminal state which murders children and bomb apartment buildings, killing and maiming thousands of innocent children, Israel feels it has to lie to cover up her crimes. Criminality and mendacity are two sides of the same coin.....

Question: Israel says that Hamas hides weapons inside mosques?

Answer: Israel is saying many things to justify its genocidal wars against the Palestinian people. Last week, the Israeli air force bombed a small truck it said was carrying rockets. However, it turned out, as the Israeli Human Rights group B’tselem pointed out, that the truck was carrying cooking gas canisters......."

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