Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Heart Bleeds for Palestine

By Lucia
From Spain

I'm afraid it is still worse than an agreed plan. I'm appalled to read things like this:

Listen carefully to what Zakaria Zbeidi, Fatah military chief in Jenin, told Zvi Yehezkeli of Israel's TV Channel 10 on June 24: "We'll be your South Lebanon Army, just help us." This is from Ran Ha Cohen’s article titled "Palestine: Blood is in the Air." Scroll down to find it, Tony has posted it a while ago.

Imagine! This is a Fatah commander, and is saying such a thing!!!!

-After his father was prevented from teaching by the Zionists.
-After his mother was murdered by a Zionist sniper and left to bleed to death.
-After his brother Taha was murdered by a Zionist.
-After he saw close friends being murdered by the Zionists.
-After he himself was shot in the legs by the Zionists, when he was a kid, and underwent several operations.
-After he spent years in Zionist jails - he was only 15 when he was first jailed.
-After his home was demolished by the Zionists.

... and this man, who has gone through such a Zionist inferno, after going through all this...

turns his weapons in to the traitor Abbas, and **in addition** is asking the murderers of his mother to accept him and his men as a surrogate militia to crush the resistance. He, who was a commander..., I'm appalled! Astonished, my eyes wide open.

This explains the phenomenon that Tony used to call "the stone age", when watching that the only resistance to the Zionist pogroms were kids pelting stones at tanks. The putrid Fatah and the quisling PA aborted it. Thwarted a serious resistance against the occupier.

To sum up: This far and deep has Fatah and the PLO betrayed the Palestinians! Very sad. They are no more resistance fighters, FATAH IS NOW THE USA AND ISRAEL’S PARAMILITARY TO CRUSH AND END THE PALESTINIAN CAUSE.

Worse than the Nabka, indeed, because now the disaster comes from within.

The only hope rests with Hamas. However, after reading Zubaidi's declarations, I see no room for more Haniyeh calls for dialogue. There's nothing to speak about with Fatah or Abbas and his coterie. Nothing. Two worlds apart. Hamas is for Palestine. The decree guy + Fatah + PLO have sold themselves out to the Zionists, and betrayed the Palestinians. On the contrary, Hamas must continue -if possible- with the popping up. Remember Algeria; they also had to clean the Kasbah first; otherwise they'd be doomed to fail.

I would like to know (because I did not read it so far) if the Palestinian Basic Law contemplates something like impeachment, or a no-confidence vote for the President. If so, the democratically elected Hamas government, the only legal one, could contemplate this. A no-confidence vote for Abbas and kick him out. A new one should right away dissolve once and for all the infamous Palestinian authority and declare null and void everything from Oslo and beyond. And finally resort to resistance, and only to resistance.

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