Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fifty-seven injured as Lahad (PA security) forces attack Hebron funeral

"Fifty seven Palestinians were injured, several of them seriously, on Wednesday when Palestinian Authority security forces opened fire during a funeral for a civilian killed during Tuesday's anti-Annapolis protests in Hebron, eyewitnesses and medical sources reported.

Mourners indicated that members of the Palestinian police force opened fire in the air and at the funeral procession after several stones were thrown at security forces in the area.

19 people were treated at the governmental hospital in Hebron after being injured in clashes at the funeral, medical sources said......

Several people are also reported to have been arrested.

The violence follows yesterday's attacks against an anti-Annapolis rally in the city in which one man, thirty-seven year old Hisham Barad'i, died after being shot in the chest by PA security forces.

The police later denied responsibility for the man's death."

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