Saturday, December 1, 2007

An Exchange on Hamas and Tactics

Lucia said this about Hamas and tactics:

"Yes, it is difficult to understand Hamas insistence on institutionalizing the "security bodies". As soon as Palestine is occupied, the stealth fighter is the way to go. Can't they, at least, learn from the occupiers? A few days ago, Zionists disguised as veiled women (!) abducted a top Hamas officer and his wife. The spokesman of PRC was abducted by Zionists disguised as Palestinian peasants that tricked him with a fake car-problem. And so on.

However, the Palestinian resistance appears as neon signs despite its much inferior firepower. I think this is just another by-product of the PA. They want to look like a state. But it is NOT a state; the PA is just a Zionist client for providing them with security at the Palestinian's expense. This is the crude reality. And such type of "formal troops" are the pompous stupidities that Arafat started and liked, and Abbas is more than happy to go along with, for he even likes them more than Arafat did. But Hamas should get rid of this nonsense and just focus on learning guerrilla tactics, training, and being effective.

The PA should be dissolved ASAP. It has taken the Palestinian fight for freedom to square number one. Let the Zios occupy (not much difference with the current situation, anyway) and let them pay dearly for it. Forget about providing them with the "services" they are obliged to by the international law.

I'm aware it is very easy to speak from afar. But I think this issue should be thoroughly examined by the resistance for -at least- two purposes: minimizing losses and gaining in effectiveness."

My Response to Lucia:

What you said is true about the PA, but what about Hamas? Granted that the PA in Gaza is now run by Hamas, but Hamas as a resistance movement (Izziddin Qassam Brigades) is a separate organization and a separate structure; it is not subject to the payroll constraints imposed by the EU donors.

Still the Qassam Brigades also show off in their uniforms; so the problem is more than just the PA. Many explanations are possible: Making political points while showing off, simple ignorance of the principles of guerrilla warfare, compensation for a deep sense of weakness, etc.

I think that Hamas is facing an existential trap in Gaza and it needs to think deep and fast about the coming phase.

I don't buy the bravado that Israel is afraid of big losses if it invaded Gaza. Hamas' military performance does not inspire. Israeli losses won't be anywhere near what Israel suffered in Lebanon in 2006. Hamas is nowhere near a fraction of Hizbullah. I don't mean just equipment; I mean strategy, skill, planning, intelligence, etc.

If we go by the Iraqi experience, invasion always follows the siege. I am sure that this will be the case in Gaza. Yet, Hamas keeps talking about the Arab regimes breaking the siege! What are they smoking? I sincerely hope that Hamas doesn't believe this lie of breaking the siege.

The decision to terminate Hamas as a movement has been made, with full complicity of the Arab regimes. Appointing a former NATO commander as a security coordinator for Condoleezza in the occupied areas has a military significance. Uprooting Hamas in the W.B. is well underway; Gaza comes next.

Hamas can only survive as an underground movement in both the W.B. and Gaza. I am afraid of a blood bath for the movement in Gaza. I think that the movement should try to prepare for the clandestine stage at this time; not much time is left. A look at Iraq and what happened to the Ba'th cadres is instructive.

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