Thursday, November 29, 2007

Washington: No place yet for Syria in peace process

"WASHINGTON - U.S. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley said Thursday it is difficult to see how Syria can fit into the renewed peace process.

"Syria is a state that supports terror, including Hezbollah and Hamas," Hadley told students in a speech at Johns Hopkins University's international studies school in Washington. He spoke just after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert headed home following the Middle East peace conference, held in Annapolis Tuesday.

Hadley said Syria's policy was not compatible with "what we've seen" at Annapolis.

He said Israel would be the one to decide whether to negotiate with Syria, but he left no room for doubt on the United States' position on this issue. Hadley said Syria must make a fundamental decision.

"There is a new spirit in the Middle East, a real chance for peace. Will Syria be left on the sidelines or give up its support for terror, leave Lebanon alone, support the Iraqi government and make a decision in favor of peace?"

If Syria takes this course it will have a chance for an agreement on the Golan Heights, but if it doesn't, "I don't see how it can be part of this process," he said......."


Here is the USraeli plan, which is another round of divide and conquer. Syria will be lured with some meaningless trinkets and simultaneously terrorized by occasional bombings, just like last month.

1) Split Syria from Iran; in this regard Saudi Arabia is playing a role.

2) Get Syria to cooperate with the USraeli plans for Lebanon and to cut off Hizbullah. The political thaw in Lebanon in the past couple of days seems to support this view.

3) Cut off Syrian support for Hamas and the Palestinian resistance in general and support the USraeli stooge Abbas. Canceling the originally planned Palestinian conference in Damascus is a first indication.

4) After Syria offers all of this, and supports the puppet government in Baghdad, it will be taken on a wild goose chase and endless "negotiations" for the Golan. The "peace process" for the West Bank will be the model. Don't forget that the Golan has been formally annexed by Israel.

For those who don't believe what I am proposing and who would say that Assad can't be that stupid, the answer is that his actions so far prove that he is. More importantly, like all Arab regimes, all he cares about is regime survival. He would do anything in service of the Empire, just to survive. If you don't believe me just ask Maher Arrar. Soon Syria will be the destination for many Maher Arrars rendered by the CIA.

-- Tony Sayegh

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