Monday, January 14, 2008

All Indicators Are That War With Iran Is Still in the Offing

By Mark Glenn

"Foolishly, when the National Intelligence Estimate was released late last year many spectators in the bleachers watching (what appeared would be) an imminent war with Iran breathed a sigh of relief, and thinking the game was over began packing their things to go home.

In truth though they should have hung around a few minutes more and paid some mind to that old saying ‘It ain’t over till it’s over’. What they failed to consider is the fanaticism driving certain players in this game, not the least of whom are the Zionists controlling George Bush and George Bush himself. Bush and his handlers (both in the US and Israel and being the genuine Armageddonites they are) see themselves as the guys in the white hats fighting an epic battle against the forces of evil. This being the case, rational persons should understand that the release of the NIE would and will have little effect on them when it comes to doing the Lord’s work of wiping out Judea’s ancient enemies in Persia. And while some–viewing all this with a sense of unrealistic optimism–may still think Bush’s continuing rhetoric against Iran is all just an act, wiser heads should assume it is the real deal and come to grips with the likelihood that he indeed plans to make good on all the promises he gave his Zionist overlords prior to his election in 2000....."

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