Friday, January 18, 2008

The Hormuz Hoax

Who almost started World War III?

by Justin Raimondo

"......Notice how quickly the official story is changing. First the transmission was a threat coming from the Iranians: now they're "unsure." This is contrary to the President's characterization of what occurred, and the Pentagon's video presentation of a threat emanating from the speedboats: the allegedly "aggressive" actions of the Iranians are underscored by an audio overlay in which a voice interpolates "I am coming to you, you will explode in a few minutes."

The Iranians are calling the US video a fabrication, and it sure does look like that. Yet the Navy Times has another explanation.......

Gee, I wonder if they hired an actor to do the voiceover.

No one is saying that the US government, or some subterranean branch of it – perhaps a "rogue" faction, as in Iran-Contra – is responsible for what happened in the Strait of Hormuz, where a "misunderstanding" almost sparked World War III. However, it's just possible – given our government's dismal record in this regard – that we'll be talking about the Hormuz Hoax, years from now, when the history of this decade of deception is written. "

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