Friday, January 18, 2008

Canada Report 2007 – Part II – Canada’s Policy on Israel and Palestine

If Canada is against terror, it needs to be equally against Israeli and American terror, the latter being the greatest originator of terror in the world.

By Jim Miles

"Previously I had looked at several factors that tend to indicate that Canada’s actions with foreign policy and with domestic policy are increasingly following American policies. One of the areas that receives very little local media attention is the official policy towards the Israeli/Palestine question – seldom do the issues on Israel/Palestine surface in any of the media, and what little does generally follows the lines of Palestinian terrorists, the undemocratic Hamas takeover of Gaza, and the hardships of the Israeli population. The official Canadian policy found on the Federal Government website presents an interesting read that struggles to sound neutral and non-judgmental but taken in consideration with government actions, or more importantly, government inaction, a definite bias can be seen. What at first tries to be balanced and neutral becomes simply more rhetoric and dissimulation while maintaining the status quo of Israeli occupation and dominance......"

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