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The Slow Agony of Palestinian Detainees

An Israeli prison for Palestinian prisoners

Israeli Terror Tactics

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by Yesh Din - Volunteers for Human Rights, Friends of Humanity International
17 January 2008

"By the means of intense and constant psychological pressure, bad treatment and mock trials, the Israeli military occupation authorities try to break the will of Palestinian detainees and discourage the resistance movement as a whole. Although the “War on Terror” considerably extended its range, until recently very little documentation existed on this “slow death” machine operating outside the realm of international human rights law. Two NGOs, Friends of Humanity International and Yesh Din, start to fill the gap.

Friends of Humanity International (Human Rights Organization

Report Entitled:

Isolation of Prisoners / Systematic Tactic of Slow Death
Report prepared by a team of law experts Under the supervision of Mr. Fuad Al Khoffash

Vienna, 06 January 2008 Doc. Nr.: P/ME/112/08/E


Israel sees itself as a state above law and a well established and distinguished school that seeks to disseminate its peculiar expertise all over the world. We have documented testimonies given by some prisoners released from the well known prison of Guantanamo and other American jails in Iraq. The testimonies gathered confirm the presence of Israeli interrogators in these jails. The prisoners could recognize them from the tattoos made on their skins that represent some Israeli patterns. Inside these prisons the Israeli interrogators employ their distinctive expertise gained over long years through the interrogations with and torturing of the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails and detention facilities.

It is not unusual that the Israeli occupational forces and the security systems exercise the most repulsive torture tactics against the Palestinian and Arab prisoners detained in the Israeli jails in violation of the principles of the international humanitarian law and the many ethics and values that are part of human life. It is certain that the Israeli occupation derives its power from force rather than law and from injustice rather equity. It persists in its brutality by applying many methods and tactics that aim at undermining the will of the Palestinian individual with the hope to succeed, by isolating the Palestinian prisoner, to transform him to a sick, depressed and withdrawn person who is sentenced to slow death......"

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