Thursday, January 17, 2008

Neturei Karta: IDF conducting ethnic cleansing in Gaza

Anti-Zionist Orthodox faction denounces military operations in Strip as 'ferocious, bloodthirsty acts of ethnic cleansing', say they fail to understand why world powers 'allow Zionists to commit such crimes against Palestinians'

"......"We are appalled by the terrorist massacre performed by the Zionists in Gaza. This ferocious act is just one in a long line of oppressive acts of ethnic cleansing performed against the Palestinian people since 1948 by the evil Zionist movement," said their statement.

The statement was issued on Wednesday, following the IDF operation in Gaza, in which 20 Palestinians were killed......"


I salute them; they have shown by far more courage and integrity than most of the Arab regimes and most of the Arab "masses."

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