Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Follow Chavez's Path and Expell Israeli Ambassadors"

'The Scheme is to Give WBank to Jordan, Gaza to Egypt'


"......Sayyed Nasrallah lashed out at some Arab leaders who are still having normal ties with Israel at a time more than 680 people killed in Gaza and advised them to follow the path of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who expelled the Israeli Ambassador in protest at the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

“In front of the Zionist entity that is based on spilling the blood of the innocent and committing massacres, the least thing to do is not to give legitimacy to this entity regardless of the sacrifices. The guardians of the Zionist entity want us to give Israel legitimacy, but the vast majority rejects this. What is taking place today in Gaza, should be a strong motive to reject giving legitimacy to this entity. Not acknowledging Israel, rejecting normalization with it is the least than can be done. Yesterday Chavez expelled the Israeli Ambassador and he set an example for all those who are still receiving Israeli Ambassadors. Some Arab leaders are requested to learn how to reject normalization with this entity. I assure you that the peoples of our nation will punish those leaders for their crimes. They ought to help the resistance instead of pressuring it.”

His eminence criticized the Egyptian regime for keeping the Rafah crossing closed in the face of the dying people of Gaza. “Yesterday, an Egyptian official asked: does the UN need 600 martyrs and 1500 injured people to take action? Today I ask him, do you need that much victims to open the Rafah crossing?”......

The Hezbollah chief addressed the “real US scheme” that was reflected by former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton. “The real scheme is to separate Gaza from the West Bank. The rhetoric about two states is mere illusion. They want to give Egypt mandate on Gaza and Jordan mandate on the West Bank.” His eminence added that “this necessitates a renewal to our call for all Palestinian factions to unite because the aim is to liquidate their cause, all of their cause, not just Hamas or Fatah.” "

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